Does UI/UX Design Quality Matter for App Success?

The user interface needs to be as modern as possible, using features that are related to latest trends that could push the user to interact with the website or the application. The colors and the type of font which are used in the design are extremely important as that sets the mood of the page and it needs to match with the mood of the users.

01 MAR 2022

Why is custom software development important?

As businesses or organizations grow, they will not need to constantly buy new software to fit the requirements of all the changes they have to deal with while the business is growing. When the requirements for the software are made, assessing future needs with designers and developers is something that can be done and taken care of.

FEB 25 2022

Trudo Internship Program: Donat's experience with Trudo

Gaining real work experience is one thing, while actually enjoying what you do while simultaneously gaining experience that will help your future career is something that will not only be useful but also something you don’t tend to forget. Enjoying the program is one of the goals for Trudo, as setting a great start in the field will first increase productivity but also the chances of everyone who is already interested in tech to continue and stay there.

07 DEC 2021

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