Blockchain technologies in banking and finance

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger which registers every transaction that happens between all digital devices around the globe. All transactions made through this technology inhibit modification of said transactions, increasing security, transparency and speed up the process of information exchange. It is best known for its application in the formation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

11 October

An introduction to Software Artifacts

Artifact, as a term, is generally used in a historical context regarding human inventions. Scientifically, artifacts are used to create a tracing system to reveal past-life processes, and this is how it is similarly used in software development. Even though the word artifact in development is a relatively new word, software artifacts have been part of the development process from the very beginning.

11 November

Cybersecurity Strategies for Small and Midsize Businesses

Cybercrime has become a very large economy in the world market, which in monetary gains could be considered to be third in line, right after the economy of countries like the US and China. Cybercrime is developing more and more as other technologies are developing and it’s definitely entered a new era.

10 MAR 2022

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