Data Science

Prediction Modelling and Analytics is one of the core services provided by our company

Data Management

Organize your data and unlock their potential by using our solutions

Business Intelligence

Transform raw data into meaningful insights to support your business decisions and growth

Software Development

We support your digital journey by providing cutting-edge technology and solutions

Data Science
Data Management
Business Intelligence
Software Development

What we solve

We are dedicated to provide data-driven solutions to enable businesses grow and adapt in the fast changing world. Our portfolio covers plenty of success cases of applied data science in energy, healthcare, marketing, operations. We assist our clients in translating their raw internal data into powerful insights through our modern data science tools and machine learning techniques. Our services are tailored to serve the needs of companies at any stage of their data journey whether you are just starting off or need to revamp the existing approach. We offer accurate predictions that will improve your performance and create new business opportunities for your company.

How we do it

We offer solutions that fit best to your business objective and needs. Our team uses advanced statistical methods and elaborate machine learning algorithms to get valuable information from your data.

Our successful machine learning usecases include:

  • Churn Prediction
  • Customer Value
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Process Optimization
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Data Mining and Dashboard Design

Tools & Technologies



What we solve

For many companies, data is the most important resource and information the most valuable asset.

The IT objective must therefore be to make data available at the right speed and to safeguard it against loss by way of copies and versions. The goal is to assure

  • Optimum availability,
  • Complete and traceable integrity, and
  • High data security with the lowest possible use of resources.

Data can be the basis of profitable information when it is structured, evaluated and linked. Don’t let your data waste away unused in storage silos. Use Trudo services for clever data management with added value.

How we do it

We set up processes to ensure the accuracy, availability, and accessibility of your data. Our process includes clear data architecture design and deployment that provide easy workflows and organized data sets. Our solutions are complemented with various data quality checks that detect and fix inconsistences.
We offer support in different data management aspects like data integration using ETL, relational database systems, big data technologies with NoSQL, and data governance processes to support your business decisions.

Tools & Technologies

What we solve

Modern business intelligence systems not only help make informed decisions, educated guesses and develop strategies – every day they support critical choices made by the people running your company. And to truly integrate this data intelligence into your operational processes, you need a system that supports your existing workflow and delivers the right solutions to the right people at the right time.

How we do it

Our team, after studying your IT and business infrastructures, will map the requirements for future BI and advanced analytics solutions. This includes needed reports, KPIs, alerts, and integrations required by user groups and their special use cases.

In less complex instances, we will suggest a ready-made solution from a third-party vendor, helping you integrate that solution into your workflow. In case you’re looking to modernize your existing BI solution or build a fully custom one, we can start by providing data mining services. We will prepare, cleanse, and model data to design a data warehouse architecture. When the DWH is ready, we will test, implement, and embed the product’s functionality into other systems. Ultimately, the product, enabled with historical and real-time data, will present you with visualization tools, reports, collaboration opportunities, email integrations, and alerts – all customized for your operational processes and industry specifics

Tools & Technologies

What we solve

We know what is important so that your IT project can be implemented efficiently. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to quickly and competently empathize our customers’ processes and need.

We do this in a targeted manner, use the right resources right from the start and leave nothing to chance in order to achieve the desired goals on time and economically.

Trudo’s successful project delivery starts with a proper requirement gathering, then by implementing a prototype of client requirement, choosing an architecture and technology, development with QA and testing, final deployment with support and maintenance to the client.

How we do it

A successful project delivery start with an accurate requirement gathering. We do have an expert team who work closely with technical team and build up a wireframe or a document which filtered through various discussion phases with clients.

We do have reference architecture based on customer projects and know-how which we have build during years of development. A project is initiated soon after client approves the prototype (along with pricing) we developed based on the requirements gathered.

Once we confirm and clarify the requirements from the client, next tasks lies on our development team. And our design team assure the application has a good user interface which is workable in all devices (more info on the process flow is shown in the picture below).

Tools & Technologies

How we work

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Trudo is a tech company that offers cost-efficient services in Data Science, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Software Engineering. Through the field of data science, Trudo provides solutions to various problems with the sole aim of producing added value for individuals, businesses and different organizations. Using advanced data analysis techniques, Trudo helps companies to better manage their information, support better decision making and achieve higher performance. Additionally, we offer cost-efficient full-stack development, backend development, frontend development for web, mobile application and software development.

Our experienced team masters both functional and non-functional programming languages including, but not limited to NativeScript, SQL & MySQL, C/C++, C#, Python and/or JavaSript, React and Angular.


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