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Data is the new currency.

All data has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Trudo is a tech company that offers services in Data Science, Data Management and Business Intelligence. Through the field of data science, utilizing scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, both structured and unstructured, Trudo provides solutions to various problems with the sole aim of producing added value for individuals, businesses and different organizations. Using advanced data analysis techniques, Trudo helps companies to better manage their information, support better decision making and achieve higher performance. We provide an end-to-end solution whether you have a one-time project or need to collect and analyze data on an ongoing basis.

Why to work with Trudo

  • Data driven decision making

    Exploit the data that you already have to improve financial and operational performance. Make use of real-time insights that allow you to take swift action.

  • Understand the market

    Get a better view of the market you operate in by utilizing internal and external data. Use analytics to predict future trends, new customer target groups and new potential investment Areas.

  • Create products that create value

    Understand what attracts customers to your products and to your competitors. Investigate the market gaps and create new concept products that people want to buy and create value.

  • Recognize your customers

    Make your customer interactions more effective and mutually beneficial by combining unstructured social data, transactional web data, and structured organizational data to gain a deep understanding of what customers want.


  • Web & Software development

    At Trudo, we refer to Software development as the process of designing, developing and testing applications, frameworks, or other software components. The software development process may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering or maintenance. Web development, another service offered by Trudo, is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet or an intranet. Such a process may include developing a static page of plain text to more complex web-based internet applications.

  • Descriptive Analysis

    We provide historical insight regarding the company’s production (e.g. total stock in inventory, average variable/fixed cost per unit produced), financials (e.g. year over year change in sales, business cycles in different timelines), operations (e.g. average dollar spent per customer), and sales.

  • Prediction Modeling and Analytics

    Our team specialized in Data Science through the usage of a variety of toolsets and techniques can create, test and validate models that predict to the closest proximity different outcomes. The predictive analysis and modelling is customizable to the wants and needs of the client.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced analytics is a part of data science that uses high-level methods and tools to focus on projecting trends, events, and behaviors. This gives organizations the ability to perform advanced statistical models such as ‘what-if’ calculations, as well as future-proof various aspects of their operations.

  • Product Development

    The necessity of businesses to continuously have access to real-time developments that are occurring in their company is to be solved by our team. We can develop applications and dashboard that will give you access to your business insights (or input data) where and when you need it through a personalized interface. We develop technological products that are industry specific and will create value for companies that integrate them in their internal or external processes.

  • Customer Value

    Customer value is a metric that encompasses both the past and the future value of the client while reflecting the uncertainty associated with the latter. Both the revenues derived from the client and the costs associated with maintaining a customer relationship are usually incorporated.

The Academy

The Academy established within the company is an additional long term recruitment channel through which Trudo plans to identify further candidates that could potentially join our team. The academy will provide candidates with an paid internship position and data science related training The purpose of this program is to introduce the potential team members with company procedures, values, culture and ongoing projects and provide interns with an opportunity to practically apply their theoretical knowledge in a real business environment.
If you think that you see fit at Trudo, please contact us by sending an expression of interest at


If you think that you see fit at Trudo, please contact us by sending an expression of interest at